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La Voz del Campesino
Granger, Yakima Valley, Washington, USA

Programs - Multimedia productions

Here are samples of the video and multimedia presentations produced by KDNA and Novela Health Education. Some deal with the life issues facing Latino or migrant households. Others chronicle the history of Radio KDNA. Also featured here are productions of other that we feel are of special interest.

Radio KDNA - the early days - 1984 - People-Programs-Philosophy

This video, shot in 1984, contains examples of public service programming, production of news and childrens (Jardin de los Niños) programming, and an interview of Rosa Ramón, one of the founders and KDNAs first station manager. In addition to Rosa, also participating are founder Julio Cesar Guerrero, Mario Z Alvarez, Norma Olguien, Roberto Alviso, and Ezequiel Ramirez.

La Esperanza del Valle

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This English language video production, a six part serial of 30 minutes each, tells the story of a Chicano family living in a farming community in Washington state. The Ortegas are hard working, but have alcohol related problems. Fernando, the 17-year-old son, is suffering from the consequences of using alcohol: he is arrested for public drunkenness, suspended from the wrestling team, breaks up with his girlfriend, and sees a counselor as part of his suspension stipulations. Subplots address issues such as exposure to pesticides, teenage pregnancy, and adult alcohol problems. La Esperanza del Valle (The Hope of the Valley) is a production of Novela Health Education and Radio KDNA.

See the Novela Health catalog for information about purchasing.

Radio KDNA: La Voz del Campesino

This short documentary film, featured at the ¡Mira! Festival de Cine y Video Latino, in Seattle, November, 1999, was produced by Mario Zavaleta and Martha Sanchez of Latino Northwest Communications in honor of KDNA's 20th anniversary. Our thanks to Martha and Mario for the opportunity to present it here.

History of Radio Cadena in 3 parts

This is a three part slide presentation produced for KDNA's 20th anniversary.

Part 1 shows the beginnings of KDNA with the Northwest Chicano Radio Network.


Part 2 features some of the important programs KDNA has produced since December 1979, including collaborative projects with Novela Health Education.


Part 3 is about KDNA's partnerships with the community, events at Plaza Agustin Lara, and some people that have changed the station.

Eres Lo Que Comes

Produced in the popular telenovela format, Eres Lo Que Comes (You Are What You Eat) is an exceptionally warm series conveying an important nutritional message. Juanita is introduced to nutrition in her prenatal care, and scenes with the nutritionist include easy to understand demonstrations of how the different food groups play a role in health. In this musical excerpt farmworkers are harvesting lettuce outside of Salinas.

See the Novela Health Catalog for information about purchasing.

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