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La Voz del Campesino
Granger, Yakima Valley, Washington, USA

Where we are

Grand Coulee DamWhile western Washington State is known for airplanes (Boeing), software (Microsoft) and rain (Seattle), central and eastern Washington are famous as agricultural resources. In June of 1952 the Grand Coulee Dam began supplying water to the Bureau of Reclamation's Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, and deserts overnight became irrigated farmland producing crops of apples, asparagus, wheat, hops, and wine grapes.

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CampesinosThe almost instantaneous change from desert to farmland created a labor vacuum, and experienced farmworkers in California, Texas, and Mexico were encouraged to come to Washington to work the fields. Some of them settled here, and today comprise over 30% of the population of central Washington.

The region of the Yakima Valley takes its name from the Indigenous Peoples (the Yakama) that still live here, and is the heart of Central Washington's agricultural community.

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KDNA's studios are located in the town of Granger, population 2,530 (2000 census).   The transmitter is 20 miles to the Northwest on Ahtanum Ridge.

Studios and offices are in what once was the Highline Hotel. KDNA and NCEC headquarters - Granger, Washington - Click here for more about Granger and the Highline HotelThe Plaza Agustin Lara is on about 1/4 acre of land behind the building.

State of Washington Department of Transportation webcams (click here)

State of Oregon DOT webcams (click here)

More about Washington state (click here)

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