Microsoft Journalism Initiative

Promoting Local Journalism Initiative


Radio KDNA, The Yakima Herold and El Sol de Yakima will collaborate on a one year-long project to elevate and amplify the impacts of critical challenges facing Yakima and the Yakima Valle. The project includes Audio, data visualization and live events and traditional storytelling formats and will be produces in Spanish and English. 

This project supported by the Yakima Valley Community Foundation with training and technological assistance from Microsoft Corp.

The primary focus will be on the following topics

  1. Access to Health Care
  2. Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women
  3. The Destructive presence of Gangs and children in the Yakima Valley
  4. Economic Disparity

The goal is to reach new audiences and demonstrate the value of local news and information as a driving force as people make decisions for the betterment of their communities. This requires an innovative strategy we will collaborate with the Yakima Herald and El Sol to elaborate stories and share the in different platforms such as Radio in a way of storytelling, print and podcast.

Access to Health Care

The Vanished

The Destructive Presence of Gangs

Economic Disparity